Making The Next Decision Between College And Career: Part 2

When I was deciding what to call this blog, I use the word “purgatory” because it describes very bluntly how we can feel. This period in our lives can be very tough and painstaking, and we can allow our fears and doubts overtake our minds. Or, this can be a period where we can make great strides in our lives and set ourselves up for a very successful future, whether that be in our career, family, or wherever our ideal future lies. This brings us to the third and final condition: interests.

Note: If you have not read the first part of this two-part series, please go back and read it here. I describe the first two conditions when making the decision of what to do after graduation which feed into the third one in this article.

Interests. This is the third and equally important condition when determining what is best for YOU to do after graduation. If you are lucky and have found out what interests you and know what career you see yourself in, great! If you are like the majority and have an idea but not sure what position exactly, this is also a great place to be because you most likely know what industry you can see yourself in. If you are like the rest and still have absolutely no idea what you want to do and despised all of the classes you took in college, do not fear because in the eyes of Thomas Edison you have not failed, “you have found 10,000 ways that won’t work” which is just as important.

Think outside the box. As I said in previous articles, the cookie cutter story of what we are expected to do after college is a thing of the past. What interested you most about college? Heads up! It may or may not have been classes! Was it a student group or event? If you were lucky to travel, was it your study abroad experience? Maybe a specific class project or topic? Or something as small as a book or article you read that really moved you. Remembering what really captured your interest (if not a specific major/concentration) can be HUGE at determining your next step.

For me, I changed my majors three or four times, joined groups that ranged from cooking club to Quidditch club, and was involved in Greek life. My takeaways? I love business but suck at accounting and economics, I prefer a stimulating and energetic atmosphere to be productive and engaged, and I perform at my best in open cultures that allow me to apply my creativity. Knowing these things about myself can give me a very specific filter when deciding what area/industry/company (if any #entrepreneurship) would work best for me.

The biggest mistake we can make just out of college is accepting the first opportunity that comes our way. But what about the job market? But my area is more competitive to get into. But I need to start working to pay back my loans. But, but, but. News flash #2, if this is the career path you want, employers, just like potential girlfriends/boyfriends are turned off by desperation. Even if you do really need a job, going into a job interview only with the mindset of “I need this job” the employer will see right through that and you may not be focused enough to ask the right questions to see if the company/culture is even compatible with your interests where you could perform at your best. Being in a culture or atmosphere that allows you to perform at your best is worth waiting a few more months to land. Know what you are good at and be confident in your strengths.

Action Steps: Figure out what interested you most in college. Write these down and think about ways you can use them to narrow down what direction you see your career going.

Share your interests! Leave a comment with what you have come up with or email them to me directly with any questions, comments, or concerns at:

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