Millennials After Graduation

We are 10 articles in and I think it is time for a quick break. One of the first articles written went into detail about starting this time after graduation with having the right mindset. In order to keep this theme going, I strongly believe that it is important to return to our bases every now and then.

The truth is this blog is to give you resources and direction, not answers. When you end up making these decisions after graduation, there is no “right” or “wrong”. There is just your decision. This blog is dedicated to give you the resources to ensure your decision is not made without deliberation and does not result in regret. If we make these decisions after learning and reflecting what is best for ourselves, any regret is removed as we have done all we can to make the best decision.

The dynamic of the workplace is changing. Many people are complaining that the millennial generation is lazy based on the fact that a record percentage of this cohort choose to live at home after graduation (generation breakdown). But what many of them fail to state is how many more millennials are opting to creating their own businesses. The 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM USA 2014) states that during the 30-year period between 1977 and 2007…the number of businesses established increased by 66%. I think that millennials are just not liking the options that are out there, and they are actually voicing their opinions. Which can also explain why newly established companies (especially in the tech industry) are opting for more relaxed and open workplace environments. Wearing jeans and hoodies to work or taking paid time to work on side projects would be crazy to think about in the past. Now, these are almost required workplace perks.

Today, the path of graduating, working at one company for 40 years, and retiring at 64 is old news. Nowadays, there is a growing number of people who either never want to retire because they are doing something that they truly love and they did not force themselves to make a career decision based solely upon job security, or want to retire at 40 and spend the rest of their lives relaxing. Talk about a workplace difference! These are just the trends. As stated above also applies here as well. There is no “right” or “wrong” path to take.

Now this was all pretty deep so I will run down the top 3 takeaways:

  1. There is no cookie-cutter path to take after college so make a decision based on what you think is best for you
  2. Job security should not be the only top reasons for choosing a position
  3. As long as you keep working your butt off and improving yourself as a person, it’s gonna be okay in the end (here is a Spotify playlist when times get rough)

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