3 Things You NEED To Do After Graduation: First Step

1. Revamp your social media accounts

The next three articles are applicable to WHATEVER you plan on doing after college, whether that be work, travel, relaxation, peace corps, entrepreneurship, and everything in between. So, if you have not begun these things, get to work :).

Choose which ones you want to be public

Ten years ago, the thought of potential employers running social media background checks would not be one to worry about. Now, it has become clockwork. Begin by deciding which social media outlets you want as assets for your future professional career and which you want to be private and not accessible to non-friends. But beware, just changing your profile name will not hide you. Do some research on the best ways to stay hidden from prying eyes. Some may think this all depends on what you choose to do after graduating, but even if your path is starting your own blog, business or working in a very open and laid back work environment, those 2012 Cancun trip photos you were tagged in or that heated post you made when you were 19 could unfortunately be the deal breaker. That being said, you already know this. OK, so where to go from here?

Update and streamline biography information

First, use Dave Ramsey’s Snowball Method but on your social media accounts and develop some momentum by completing the easy tasks first. I would suggest starting with updating your LinkedIn with any new experience you haven’t uploaded yet and touching up your education profile with recent graduation information. Then, edit your profile/bio/summary sections. Again, begin with your LinkedIn or Facebook (if you have chosen to have this social media outlet public) because these are the go-to’s for recruiters and potential employers. Also, from here you can reuse a lot of the text. Rewriting or having different information for these profile and biography sections is a waste of time, not to mention having consistent background information across all public social media profiles is important and reduces potential confusion. Other accounts like Twitter, Instagram, etc. have character limits on your bio so just take a couple of your favorite sentences that you believe describe you best and use those (again, if you chose to have these outlets open to the public).

Another edit you are going to want to make is updating profile pictures. Just about every phone nowadays has a decent camera on it which means we have a new expectation and that old, pixelated photo of yourself needs to go (yes, even if it is your favorite picture of yourself). Also, make sure your picture actually LOOKS like you. Think to yourself if someone saw you on the street would they be able to link you to your profile photo.

Google search

Lastly, do a quick Google search of your name and see what comes up. If there is anything that you would not want potential employers to see, there are some steps you can actually take to help yourself out. If you like what you see and are all set, great! If you would want to see more, start posting, publishing, and just putting as much content out there (remembering to tag your name in it of course).

Share your social media stories! Leave a comment with any interesting experiences you have had with your social media accounts or email me directly with any questions, comments, or concerns:


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